Directly work with factory, Specializing Manufacturing Stainless Steel Accessories

Luxury metal Accessories manufacturer

What Mainly Products We Making

we mainly produce stainless steel accessories for luxury woman bags metal accessories, such bag logo, locking, strap buckle, zipper puller, belt buckle etc. Material to finished product, we do one stop station production, just in ourself industrial park.

Stainless Steel Locking

Stainless Steel Logo

Stainless Steel Rivet

stainless steel chain

Stainless Steel Chain

Stainless Steel Belt Buckle

Stainless Steel Hoop Locking

Stainless Steel Zipper Puller

Stainless Steel Hook

Why More Luxury Metal Using Stainless Steel

Many copper are too expensive and zinc allory, also 316L is friendly to environment, price is reasonable between copper and allory. 

Quality Conytol

highly performance

quality and testing standard is easy to match highly quality testing demand for luxury brand, like montblanc/fendi
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Abrasion and oxidation

Unlimited Sharing

Abrasion and oxidation resistant ability which is better than alloy and copper.
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Friendly for human body

Stainless steel is harmless to people and the environment, and can be recovered and recycled
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Cost is key

Cheaper than copper, easy to making mass production and more accuracy
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Why Chooing SOOCCI

SOOCCI own all production line in itself independent factory, from material, tooling design, molding making, MIM Metal Injection, Stamping and Hydraulic Pressing, Polishing, Grinding, CNC machine, NC Milling, Plasma Polishing, Auto Polishing, Vibration, Sand Blasting, Clearing, QC, Assemble, Packing etc. To realizing one stop station production solution. 

SOOCCI MIM Technology

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We own ourself PVD Plating production line

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SOOCCI own a professional and completely sales system and a trained team well. follow luxury brand standard to follow each customer s.

24/7 Support

Italy, China team, follow your projects, make sure give you promptly solution


Customize your project or produce with your label, R&D team give your a best experiencess

Like a wifi

like a wifi, each season updates new product and new technology for you and your luxury collection.

MIM Technology

Own self metal injection molding production line, from tooling to finished mold. for big quantity products, short time to finish.

PVD Plating

soocci own a set completely pvd plating and water plating production line and purchased from EU tech and follow EU ECO standard. no pollution, no harmless, hard to drop off color.

Auto Equipment

Soocci own a set of auto machine tech, some of them imported from Japan, like punching. Auto polishing line etc.

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What people are saying

What our valuable customer are saying about us?

soocci production technology is great and their design team is always help me to solve our metal accessories molding.
Hardware accessorries developmne
Soocci own a full processing production line. from raw material, Metal Injection, design tooling, making molding, stamping, grinding, CNC, polishing, sand blasting, ultrasound clean,QC, assemble, packing. Good for you, soocci.
golden lineewr
They are very quickly finished my order. in their new factory house. nice job. stainless steel letters, I choose this one manufacturer.

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316L Stainless Steel Accessories knowledge

since 2017, the designer found that steel, as a metal, no matter material or beauty, better than copper and zinc allory, especially in handbag or other leather luxury product which is more big development.

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